RED Brokerage Employees


Many of our brokers get asked the following questions from clients, “Why do I need to hire a commercial real estate broker?”  Well, let us just tell you a few of the most important reasons, you should hire a commercial real estate broker for your office and retail needs…

• MARKET KNOWLEDGE – conditions in the market are constantly changing.  RED’s brokers are in the market on a daily basis and have the latest market intelligence.   Brokers gain unmatched insight on commercial property values, market conditions and current availabilities.

• EXPERIENCE AND SPECIALIZATION – brokers have worked through all stages of numerous real estate transactions and this experience will only benefit your real estate transaction.  If you are looking for office or retail space, our brokers achieve and maintain expertise in that specific area.

Office team red brokerage commerical real estate

The RED Brokerage Office Team

 • NEGOTIATIONS -brokers are the first list of offense and defense.  Issues can be addressed and resolved by a RED agent before the issues become “deal breakers.”  A skilled broker judges the degree of importance on issues and knows where and how to negotiate.

• NETWORKS – most real estate transactions occur with another broker.  Brokers are constantly in contact with brokers throughout the city, building relationships and networks.

For additional information on our RED Brokerage team, check out our RETAIL BROKERS or OFFICE BROKERS.

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